CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Lloyd Neurauter and his sister, Wendy Bonilla, have been indicted for allegedly attempting to bribe a witness in the case against Neurauter, who is currently under indictment for the first degree murder of his ex-wife, Michelle Neurauter. 

According to the district attorney's office, a sealed indictment handed up by a Steuben County Grand Jury earlier this month alleges that Neurauter and his sister Wendy conspired and agreed to attempt to influence the testimony of a witness in the pending murder case against Lloyd by offering a benefit to that witness in exchange for changing a previous testimony to favor Neurauter's defense. 

The attempt was rejected by the prospective witness. 

Neurauter and Bonilla are charged with Attempted Bribery of a Witness and Conspiracy. 

Neurauter appeared before Steuben County Court and entered a not guilty plea. He was remanded without bail to the Livingston County Jail, where he is being held pending his murder trial. 

Neurauter later refused efforts by the New York State Police to process him and will return to court at a later date to address that issue. 

Bonilla was arrested on a warrant on Monday, April 10 at her home in California by deputies from the Kern County California Sheriff's Department and remanded to County Jail there without bail. On Tuesday, April 11, she appeared in court and waived extradition to New York to face her felony charges. She will be held without bail and will answer her charges as soon as she can be returned to New York State. 

Karrie Neurauter, Lloyd's daughter, was also arrested earlier this year for allegedly assisting her father with her mother's death. She has plead guilty to Second Degree Murder.