Corning, N.Y. (WENY) - With graduation right around the corner, college students are starting to look beyond the classroom. Hundreds of students at Corning Community College as well as the general public had the opportunity to network with companies at the college's Regional Job Fair.

The Regional Job Fair has been hosted by Corning Community College since the early 2000's and has been a success every year.

"We have over eighty-one employees here today, we're expecting over six-hundred job seekers. This is just a great opportunity for the higher-education community and the local community of employees as well as job seekers to get together and see whats being offered on the campus. As well as, whats being offered in the community," said Amanda Lippincott, Coordinator of Career Services at Corning Community College. 

This year the fair offered a wide spectrum from the healthcare industry to machining and manufacturing. As well as, new companies including, Navient and WayFair, which will be opening a new location in the Big Flats area, offering 450 jobs for graduates.

"This area is really primed for having a company like WayFair to come in. I think there is a lot of talent here that we can tap into and the opportunities that they'll have available at WayFair, I think will be second to none," said Al Gonzalez, Director of Operations at WayFair. 

The job fair not only drew in students who are graduating next month but, also first year students as well.

"Mostly for networking, just to get my face out there and for people to know who I am. I know that in the future when I do get my certification, I will be looking for a job in the education field," said Madison Favitta, a freshman at Corning Community College, majoring in Education.

If you're a student at Corning Community College and you were unable to attend this year's Regional Job Fair, you can reach out to Coordinator of Career Services, Amanda Lippincott or an educational planner for help with career planning. For community members that missed the fair as well,  can visit one of the CSS Workforce N.Y. Centers for resume help and job search assistance. 

The Regional Job Fair will continue to be hosted annually.