Mansfield, P.A. (WENY) - Students across the Twin Tiers had the opportunity to learn about and participate in hands-on science topics from a local University at "Ideas Day". 

The classrooms inside Mansfield University's, Grant Science Building, were filled with not your typical college students on Saturday. Instead, the rooms were filled with children grades, 1st through 6th, with some of them having a love for science.

"So far, I like the part where we learn about the fish and we made a little web with yarn. We also were playing a game," said Ella Steinbacher, a second grader from Wellsboro.

This year marked the third annual, "Ideas Day", welcoming over hundred students. Professors from the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Departments came up with their own ideas, letting students get a hands-on experience inside the classroom.

"I think its really important at a young age to get them interested in science. There are so many other out-reach programs, there's athletics, sports, there's lots of things like that. At least around here there is not many things in terms of stem program. So its really nice to have them here," said Doctor Gregory Carson, a Chemistry Professor at Mansfield University. 

Students were split into classrooms by their different grades. Students and their parents had the chance to learn about human bones, different fish, water molecules as well as different demonstrations on fire and our body's senses. 

"Well, the experiment we're doing today is we're blindfolding them, so they can't see. We're then having them taste different fruit and see if they can identify the fruit by the taste. Then we have them plug their nose, so that they can't smell the fruit and then taste it again, to see if they can identify it," said Volunteer Katie Hoover, a freshman and science major at Mansfield University.  

Students were also provided with a free lunch. Professors are hoping that the 1st through 6th graders that attended the event will now have a stronger desire to learn more about science.