VAN ETTEN, N.Y. (WENY) -- The town of Van Etten discussed concerns about the impending dissolution of the village of Van Etten during their monthly board meeting Friday night. During the meeting, people brought up concerns about what's going to happen to them and the village residents once the dissolution takes place. Some of the concerns involved the village's water project and garbage pick-up polices. According to town officials, they just want to make sure the villagers are accounted for when the dissolution comes.

    "We were told a bunch of concerns, like the water thing there and how the budgets don't jive," said Town of Van Etten Supervisor, George Keturi. "That they're taking money out of reserves and things like that. We want to make sure that we can get it fixed somehow so the village people don't get harmed in any way."

    Town officials say the earliest the dissolution can go into effect is December 31.