(WENY) – On Tuesday, May 15, both the Pennsylvania primary elections, as well as the New York State school budget and board member elections will take place.

Pennsylvania 2018 Primaries

In Pennsylvania, this election comes after the congressional district maps were court ordered to be changed after the state supreme court ruled that they old districts had been gerrymandered.

Additionally, a record number of candidates have filed to run for the United States House in Pennsylvania, including a large uptick of women.

Political analysts say a serious number of the 23 pickups that Democrats need to retake the house could be found in Pennsylvania alone.

According to the Cook Political Report, seven Republican held districts are considered potentially competitive.

In the gubernatorial race, three Republicans (Laura Ellsworth, Scott Wagner and Paul Mango) are vying to challenge Democratic Governor Tom Wolf in the fall.

Polls will be open across the state from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

New York State 2018-19 School Budget Vote/Board Elections

Meanwhile, in New York, school districts will be holding their annual budget votes and school board elections on the same day.

Spending plans for 669 districts across the state are up to vote and have to comply with the rules for the state's cap on property taxes for the eighth consecutive year.

Of those, about 48% of the districts have proposed raising taxes by ever dollar they can without breaking the tax cap, according to date from the State Education Department.

Statewide, school taxes are proposed to increase by about $515 million for the 2018-19 school year.

Schools that are proposing budgets that exceed the tax cap are required by law to have the approval of 60% of their district voters.

Each of the school districts have varying voting times and locations, so voters are asked to call their district or go to the district's webpage to learn when are where to vote.