ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) – The Elmira Police Department is investigating reports of an apartment scam operation being conducted by two men.

According to police, the two will rent an apartment and then list the apartment for rent through local formats such as Craigslist.

When potential victims answer the ads, the men go through great lengths to state the application process as though they are legitimate agents for the apartment.

The ask for identification and make copies.

They will also utilize detailed rental agreements and even insert restrictions in order to make the scam seem that much more legitimate.

They will also ask that the down payments be made in cash.

One of the males has potentially been identified as 19-year-old Jacob Capozi (pictured).

The second man is using the name of 48-year-old Angelo Capozi – Jacob's father.

“Angelo” is described as being 5'8” and 300 pounds; however, his true identity has not been confirmed and there are no available photos at this time.

The two men are believed to be operating two pick-up trucks.

One is an older red unknown made and the other a maroon Dodge – both with California plates.

Residents are reminded to be cautious of property owners/landlords who demand cash as payment. 

Anyone with information about their whereabouts is asked to contact the Elmira Police Department at 607-737-5626.