CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Corning Town Board members gathered together Thursday night to decide who will be picking up the slack for the Gibson Fire Department. The council unanimously approved a plan allowing the North Corning Volunteer Fire Department and the East Corning Fire Department to provide fire protection services where Gibson Fire Department used to respond.

     After funding was cut to Gibson Fire in late April, a plan was created outlining who will cover their area in the meantime. Thursday's meeting got heated at times between members of the board and members of the department who felt like they weren't being given a say in the plan. But according to town officials, this isn't the end for Gibson Fire.

    "This is not the end," said Town of Corning Supervisor, Kim Feehan. "It's the part where we need them to keep us involved as they go along. When they have it, once we know that, we will initiate this process all over again and go back the other route."

    At the beginning of the year, a new contract was created between the department and the town. In the contract, a stipulation required the department to turn over records and certifications to the town. When the town felt Gibson Fire wasn't following the terms, they terminated their contract and funding. Feehan says if the department is able to get their records and training in order by next year, they would welcome talks to bring them back on the fire district.