ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) – This year's Gold Shoe Step it Up Challenge came to a close yesterday at Tanglewood in Elmira.

The few hundreds of shoes were brought in by several Elmira residents in the hopes of winning some prizes. Now, prizes are great, but so are the health and wellness goals that this event brings to the community.

In the search for the shoes during the challenge, The Chemung County Health Department hopes that those participating see the values of being active while still trying to have a good time. Dawn Bush, their Public Health Program Coordinator, was able to tell us more.

She said, “The Chemung County Health Department promotes physical activity and better nutrition. So, this is one way that the gold 2 coalition works together to get people out and into the environment, and into the parks to walk and run.”

“It's important for people to be active. We have a high obesity rate here in the county, and it is our effort to help people get some physical activity in and win some prizes.”

Individuals who didn't find any gold shoes were able to get some raffle tickets for prizes by participating in a health screening at the event.