WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) -- With all the action down on the track, sometimes one can forget about all the camping that's going on around the Glen. Earlier this week I stopped by the camping areas to hang out with some of the early arriving fans, and get their take on the week.

During each of the races, the stands around the track are the place to be, but that is only half of the fun at WGI. There is plenty of activity that goes on in the camping areas prior to everything going down on the track, with some fans making their way in well before race weekend.

Joe Olaf from Akron, NY told me, "It's always a good time, a good party for sure. The atmosphere here is second to none. I have been to other race tracks including Daytona and Talladega, but none of them compare to here with the road racing. You get a little bit of everything."

After speaking to people here at WGI, it's easy to see that coming to the Glen for the outdoor camping and partying has been a long time tradition between families, friends, or a little mix of both. Lori Vanderpool, another fan from Wyalusing, PA, said, "I've been up here for twenty-some years. I came up with my husband's family, and we just kept coming up. Great people up here camping. The racing is just awesome. I love Watkins Glen."

Now, let's Go Bowling at the Glen!