LODI, NY -- After severe storms across the Twin Tiers, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a state of emergency for several New York counties today, including Seneca County, visiting a scene in Lodi where flood waters devastated a community and trapped residents.

Emily and Paul Baddeley were renting a house for the week on Lower Lake Road in Lodi. Unfortunately for them, the storm didn't care about their vacation plans.

"I didn't know when it was going to end, I just kept thinking Katrina Katrina, are we going to be here for days? Is anyone out there? Does anyone care? Does anyone know that we're here?," explained Emily, describing when the flood waters forced them to flee their lake rental, "I mean all we have is what's on our body. There's stuff left in the house, our cars are there, we don't know if they work. We're going to need to go back and figure it out. All we have is the clothes on our body right now."

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Seneca County Tuesday morning to survey the damage. He says a rescue mission for 50 people stranded by the flood turned into a rescue mission for first responders. 

"When you become trapped in a situation like this, it is then dangerous, and you have a lot of first responders who have to respond and put their lives in danger to come help you," Governor Cuomo explained.

Four to five feet of rocks, trees, branches, and mud made it near impossible to access the first responders until heavy utility vehicles arrived. The heavy equipment came in to clear the road, then a high axle vehicle came in to get people out. There were also rescue boats on Seneca Lake to rescue people as well.

The Governor has a message for local leaders: let the state know if a creek or culvert needs to be cleared. He says the state will take the proper steps necessary to make sure the dangerous areas are cleaned up.

"We will get the work done before the flood occurs. The best way to handle a problem is before it happens," Cuomo said.

As for the Baddeley's, they say they feel lucky today.

"We're safe so that's all that matters. We're just happy to be out of there."