ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Renewable energy advocates held a rally in the Mark Twain Riverfront Park in Elmira to voice their concerns about how solar power is valued. 

"We're here to call on Governor Andrew Cuomo to save community solar across the state of New York by restoring the option for net metering which is a way in which you get compensated simply and clearly for solar," said Energy Democracy Alliance member, Adam Flint.

Currently, the state uses a system called, "VDER", which organizers say undervalues solar energy, potentially boosts the fossil fuel industry and discourages investments in renewable alternatives.

"This formula is complex, it is unpredictable and it is too low," said Flint. "Truthfully, there are very few people who understand it, and even fewer that can explain it."

So they're asking for the state to return to a previous policy of "net" metering.

"Net metering on the other hand, whatever it is you're paying, whatever rate you're paying to the utility right now, that's the rate you're compensated at," said Flint. "Simple, done."

One of the organizations involved in the movement for net metering is "Mothers Out Front". They're joining the cause to help establish a livable climate for future generations. 

"It's really important because we are concerned about a livable climate for our children and to achieve that we need to move in a just way toward renewable energy and away from fossil fuels which are the primary cause of climate change," said Chemung County Mothers Out Front Team Coordinator, Heather Stanton.

If you're interested in learning more about the Alliance for a Green Economy, or community shared solar, you can visit their website at: Alliance for a Green Economy or at Southern Tier Solar Works.