ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- A Chemung County Executive candidate announced his pick for Deputy County Executive. Candidate, Jerome Emanuel, says he's endorsing Donald Kraft Sr. for the next Deputy County Executive. Emanuel made the announcement in the former Elmira federal building Monday morning. Kraft, who is a West Elmira resident, has been a sheet metal worker for 38 years.He's also the president of the Southern Tier Building and Construction Trades. Emanuel says he believes Kraft's experience in dealing with local labor makes him a good choice. 

"His knowledge, his relationships, his ideology were pretty much in sync with what we believe are the issues in the county and we're going to work effortlessly together to try to fix it," said Democratic Chemung County Executive candidate, Jerome Emanuel. 

According to Kraft, he believes he's a good choice for deputy country executive based on his long-time experience in local labor. 

"Helping out simply by being connected to the union labor and to labor itself," said Chemung County Deputy Executive candidate, Donald Kraft Sr. "We're a big community and all we want to do is work where we live. That's important."

Both Emanuel and Kraft hope together they can improve labor relations around the county and help keep jobs in the community.