Steuben County, N.Y. (WENY)-- Law Enforcement Officers in Steuben County are continuing their efforts to keep the streets drug free. Operation Free Fall has resulted in the arrest of 14 more people involved in drug use and distribution. Police say this is a testament to the hard work officials are putting in to keep the community safe. 

     "It's a wide ranging group of individuals, it's part of a very wide ranging law enforcement effort to again take more drug dealers off the streets of Steuben County and to hopefully make our fall drug free," says Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker. 

     The 14 people arrested over a three month period are facing drug charges ranging from heroin sales, meth production, and smurfing pills.The initiative involved the Steuben County DA's office, Steuben County Sheriff's Office, the Corning and Bath Police Departments, and the New York State Police. Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says drug combating efforts extend outside county lines.

     "Our deputies go up and coordinate with the Livingston Deputies. We also are putting together a regional group to share information up and down the 390 corridor," explains Sheriff Allard.

     The drugs seized in Operation Free Fall range, as do where the drugs were manufactured. Some were produced right in Steuben County, others from across the Country.

      "We see a lot from Rochester, we see increasing amounts coming up I-99 Corridor, from Pennsylvania also," says Sheriff Allard. "We had some Crystal Meth we believe came from California originally," he adds.

     Operation Free Fall follows up another initiative in Steuben County, Operation Safe Summer, which yielded 13 arrests. D.A. Baker wants to get this message across to residents.

"Steuben County is a bad place to deal drugs, and we have a level of cooperation and law enforcement commitment in this County that you can't match anywhere in New York State," D.A. Baker explains.

     Just this past weekend, 7 more people were arrested in Canisteo as part of the ongoing effort to keep Steuben County drug free. District Attorney Baker says the next initiative to combat drug manufacturing, distribution, and use is already underway.

The 14 people arrested in Operation Free Fall include: 30-year-old Anthony Cagle, 25-year-old Danielle Smith, 48-year-old Gerald Iverson, 53-year-old Patrick Lee Travis, 58-year-old Deborah Warner, 32-year-old Robert Stehm, 35-year-old Scotty Lee Youngs, 25-year-old Megan Preston, 34-year-old Robert Harley, 38-year-old Ernest Crooks, 53-year-old James Elward, 50-year-old Jill Mashall, Christopher English, and Samantha Henderson.