CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) - TBEX has made its way to downtown Corning, inviting hundreds of travel bloggers from all over the world.     

Since the first TBEX conference was held in 2009, it's grown into the world's largest travel community. Conferences are held each year in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Last year's conference was held in Huntsville, Alabama.

"TBEX stands for travel blogger exchange, our tag line is the future of travel media. Its really for any content creator in the travel space, so that's bloggers, pod casters, that's video and all those different forms and of course all types of social media too. So those are the people that come to TBEX," said Rick Calvert, CEO of TBEX. 

This year, its making its home at the Corning Museum of Glass with the region playing host to 650 travel bloggers from 40 different countries.

"The first time I attended was four years ago in Athens, Greece and it was my first time going to a travel blogging conference. At the time I was a travel blogger, but I've met a lot of my mentors there. A lot of the speakers were very welcoming, they had a lot of information that really helped me grow my career to where I am today," said Kae Lani Kennedy, Food and Travel Editor for USA TODAY. 

For many, this is their first time ever in Corning, New York.  

"Its like this beautiful mix of green lush beauty. Last night we were at the race track and that was really fun, its just been really beautiful and the small little town, we were in Corning down on Market Street, got some coffee, had some lunch. Its a great town," said Mickela Mallozzi, Television Host and Producer of Bare Foot TV Series. 

However, for some it is not their first time in Corning and they say they're thrilled to back! 

"Well for me its fun to be back in Corning, New York, I was here two years ago with the tourism  board. I've had a lot of fun back in Corning here, so this is a little quick trip. I'm not getting a chance to get out to the wineries this time so, its fun to get to the Glen last night and do that and do some of the things I was able to do two years ago. TBEX is always a great time," said Chris Christensen, Blogger and Podcaster for 

The conference ends tomorrow, however, many TBEX attendees plan on staying an average of 10 days, to visit all of the great attractions the Finger Lakes has to offer!