ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Community members in Elmira had the chance to learn about the progress of cleanup efforts at the Elmira High School over the summer. They were also able to find out details about the next projects set to undergo remediation.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation held an interactive information session for parents and residents Wednesday night. Posters and video displays showed various stages of the cleanup progress at the Elmira High School, which has been designated as a Brownfield Cleanup Site. 

"I think what they'll hopefully get out of tonight is confidence once again that all the protective systems that are in place are working properly and make sure that no one is getting exposed to any of the contamination issues that we found below ground on the property and we're moving forward with the careful cleanup," says Sean Mahar, Acting Chief of Staff with NYS DEC. 

"Looking at the work they did this summer, I'm encouraged. The test-well sites that I've seen, or the more sites that they've drilled, they've showed no contamination which is promising for it not traveling across Main Street," says resident Mike Dooley, who is also part of a Steering Committee made up of concerned citizens regarding the potential health impacts the contamination may have caused to people over the years. 

Recently, additional soil samples were collected at the Football Field Complex and officials are now working to utilize that data to determine the how the cleanup of that site will be tackled.

"There's going to be some more sampling that's going to taking place this fall just on that to further refine and fill in any blanks that are needed. Once that's complete that's really going to guide the cleanup that's going to happen on that site. So there'll be a planning process that's part of that. We'll work with the school district to time that with Capital Improvements so that once we dig, we put things back and we get the school back to normal," Mahar explains. 

Information from the NYS DEC detailing the Elmira High School cleanup project can be found here: http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/102390.html