WATERLOO, N.Y (WENY) -- In the Seneca County Courthouse Friday morning, Circular EnerG and the Town of Romulus voiced their sides regarding a potential trash incinerator to coming to the town, at the former Seneca Army Depot. The hearing addressed two lawsuits filed against Romulus by the Rochester-based company challenging a zoning determination, and the town's revised zoning laws. For Circular EnerG, it hopes to come out on top after the ruling. 

"Our point is that by the town trying to ban waste to energy, they're doing tremendous damage to the environment," said Attorney for Circular EnerG, Alan Knauf. "The same waste is going to go to landfill. It causes odors, it causes methane. Waste to energy is what progressive people in Europe and around the world are using."

While the Town of Romulus believes both lawsuits should be dismissed. 

"It's really a matter of defending home rule which is recognized in New York State as one of the most important powers of local municipalities to regulate land use," said Town of Romulus Attorney, Wil Burns. "So a lot of what the petitioners in this case who want to build the trash incinerator are trying to do is to undermine home rule. So we're just trying to defend it."

Circular EnerG wants to build the trash incinerator on a piece of land within the Seneca Army Depot. But to Romulus residents, they don't think it's a good idea.

"I have not met a single Romulus resident who is in favor of the project," said Romulus resident, Maryanne Kowalski. "The only people who are in favor of is the company that owns the land and the lawyers and engineers that are making a lot of money from the project."

What's left now if the judge to review the case materials and render a decision. There's no timetable on when that could happen.