BATH, N.Y. (WENY) - For some Students at Haverling High School, they're getting an opportunity like no other! 

Eleven students have been selected to run a credit union branch during their lunch hours twice a week. The students have been working with staff from ServU Federal Credit Union to make this happen for the first time ever at their high school.  The student run branch, better known as, "The Vault," is made up of students who are interested in finance, marketing and business. Faculty, staff and students that are part of "The Vault," team will be learning financial literary, and will be able to complete basic banking transactions at the branch that are performed by the student tellers. 

"This is a great opportunity, because a lot of us are going into the real world next year. This gives us a great insight on how we can deposit our checks and what our tellers are actually doing for us. We know it's just something that not every student gets to experience and just a really great life skill," said Madison Shuart, a senior at Haverling High School.

The Superintendent of Bath Central Schools is hoping this will help students decide which path they want to go down, as well as future internships that might become available to them down the road.