Sayre, P.A (WENY) – October is breast cancer awareness month and experts recommend getting screened early. One in eight women get breast cancer in the united states and the only way to catch it early is to get screened.

Breast cancer is caused when breast cells turn abnormal and grow without control. Beginning mammograms at age 40 creates the best chance for early diagnosis and treatment. If you have a family history with the disease, or happen to be experiencing anything that seems out of the ordinary doctors say it's best to consult with your primary doctor.

“Screening is actually done in women who don't have any symptoms and it's meant to catch the cancer before a women can feel it or has any symptoms. If someone feels any lumps in her breast or any nipple discharge or breast pain or changes in the breast skin such as redness or thickening, women should bring those symptoms to their doctors attention immediately.” Says Dr. Firdos Ziauddin

Although there are no screening requirements for men, about 2,000 men get breast cancer every year in the united states.

Guthrie hospitals will offer appointments on three Saturdays in October in order to make it more convenient for women to receive this important screening this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Saturday appointments are available on Oct. 13, 20 and 27 at Guthrie Corning Hospital, Guthrie Towanda Memorial Hospital, Guthrie Troy Hospital and Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital.