ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- At Bradley Farms, they're no stranger to corn mazes. Over the years they've done complex mazes with different designs. This year's corn maze pays homage to famous author and Elmira literary icon, Mark Twain.

"We were looking for something that might be identifiable to the area," said Bradley Farms owner, Dan Hurley. "The person that did the design for us was looking for something like that. We gave him the idea, he did the design and went from there."

But to bring the corn maze to life is no easy task. 

"A lot of time involved in developing the maze," said Hurley. "There's the planning that has to be done and that has to be fairly precise so that the computer generated design can go in correctly and it'll get cut in. There's several hours involved in laying this out. Not to mention having go through and put ribbons in. There's a lot to it to get it going."

At the start of the maze you're given a map and a crossword puzzle. There's ten points scattered throughout the maze to help you solve the crossword puzzle and guide you out of the maze. If you want to try your hand at the maze,  it's going to be at Bradley Farms through Halloween, weather permitting. For more information about the maze, you can visit the Bradley Farms Facebook page here .