CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) - The Corning Housing Partnership  is celebrating their first two years of rehabbing homes and transforming neighborhoods. The Partnership held a special event on Friday on West First Street in Corning, that's where some of the homes were recently rehabilitated. 

It all began two years ago with an idea that soon turned into one of the greatest accomplishments the city of Corning has endured.

"Basically what we did is, we took an analysis of about $13 hundred homes in a variety of blocks and neighborhoods within the city and identified this block to begin the Corning Housing Partnership," said Jeff Eaton, CEO and President of Arbor Housing Development. 

The partnership which includes, Three Rivers Development, Arbor Housing and Development and the city of Corning has since invested $1.5 million in assisting homeowners and landlords in doing rehab of their properties to make the quality better as well as, the value of the home.

"We have done a variety of projects from demo, so we demoed a couple of houses. We've actually done some minor exterior renovations and some interior renovations on others," said Eaton.

With the extended partnership of Habitat for Humanity, single mother, Jody Stark and her two young boys have been waiting to live in a home where her sons can finally have their own bedrooms and feel safe and secure. 

"My boys and I are truly blessed, I can't wait to raise them in our new beautiful home and neighborhood," said Jody Stark.

"We've been doing this since October of 2016, so we're glad to be where we are at now, where we are almost going to be in our home," Stark added. 

The Corning Housing Partnership has two years left and they're hoping to impact 40 houses all together by that time. Currently, Corning Housing Partnership is working on homes located on West William Street and they're hoping to expand the program to more than 4 years.