Fall is finally here and with with the beautiful colors and exciting fall activities comes the not so exciting fall temperatures. To make those temperatures a little more bearable L.L Bean is on its first cross country college pop up truck tour that might be coming to a college near you. 

"We were just at University of Connecticut, we were at UMass Amherst, so we're kind of doing an Eastern tour until we head out  to Ohio in the Midwest in a couple months," says Lindsey Brook, L.L. Bean Experiential Marketing Specialist 

 The popup truck did stop in downtown Ithaca this weekend for a bit so the community would have a chance to check out what they had in store. But, College students are their main target right now because they noticed that a lot of the out of state students tend to be unprepared for the weather and temperatures in the Northern area. 

"We run into a lot of student that maybe this is their first northern winter and their not prepared for the cold weather that they might be feeling already in the fall, we're so excited to fill that need for them,"says Brooks

If you missed today's pop up event don't worry because they will be coming to Ithaca campus Monday and Tuesday from 9:00am until 5:00pm outside the student union. 

For more information and on the Popup truck you can click here