HARRISBURG, Pa (WENY) -- If it feels like you are getting more robocalls these days, it's because you are. Last year 30 billion spam calls were received in the U.S. This year, that number is expected to jump to 40 billion.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro says he's leading the fight to stop those illegal robocalls.

AG Shapiro is spearheading a bipartisan coalition of 34 Attorneys General. They're is working with the Federal Communications Commission to create new rules allowing phone service providers to block more illegal robocalls in Pennsylvania and across the country.

The FCC says it's a hard problem to fight because scammers have found ways to evade its call blocking order.

Last year the commission gave phone companies the authority to block certain illegal spoofed robocalls.

Now the Attorneys General want the FCC to allow providers to work together to detect and block more illegal and spoofed calls.