CHEMUNG N.Y.(WENY)--  P.A.V.E. stands for Parents After school Volunteers Enrichment, a program that Spencer-Van Etten middle school started a little over a year ago. The program gives students the opportunity to stay after the bell rings and work on their homework while getting to spend time with their friends.   

"They look forward to coming to hang out  with the adults that are here because it's a chance to see them outside of the classroom. And it's a nice kind of informal setting where students get to show their true selves as well as the adults, and it's all about the relationships and we get that here with this program," Says Brandon Foley, Middle School Principle

Congressman Tom Reed stopped by Spencer Van Etten middle school today to see how 21st century learning is being used in after school programs and he was reminded why the grant that funds this program is so important. 

"But to come and ya see the kids-- third graders through eighth graders, it just makes those numbers and those dollars come to life-- and you see the results, you see the energy, you see the excitement, and talking to the teachers in particular, you know the benefit that this provides to some young men and women that have that after school experience that helps them both on the educational perspective and also just a quality of life in the community," says Congressman Tom Reed. 

Middle school staff are very excited for what the future holds for the P.A.V.E. program.