ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Are you sick and tired of people being...well, sick and tired, of the City of Elmira? This rang true for a group of people who decided they wanted to make a change, for the positive. 

A new community-driven initiative called "Elmiraland" is gaining traction through its social media presence. 

"It's a blog, it's an Instagram account, it's a social media presence that focuses on the beauty of Elmira," says contributor Sean Lukasik, who lives in Elmira and owns a local marketing company. 

"Elmiraland" has been up and running for less than a month, and already has more than 230 followers on Instagram, multiple contributors on its blog, and is gaining traction on Facebook. It's an effort driven by community members, for their fellow neighbors throughout Elmira.
"Honestly it's the entire city! It's anybody that wants to contribute, so we've already had people that are using the hashtag Elmiraland on Instagram whose photos we're featuring," Lukasik explains. 

The initiative is designed to be a creative outlet for people looking to highlight ideas, places, projects and other passions they believe others may enjoy. 

"The inspiration came from just a lot of different people who were asking for this and looking for something like this in Elmira because it really didn't exist before," Lukasik says. 

"Mark Twain said that 'Thunder is good and thunder is impressive, but it's really lightening that does all the work..' and I think there's just so many lightening rods here in the City of Elmira that helped get this thing off the ground," he adds. 

"Elmiraland" is also meant to be a step towards rewriting the narrative of Elmira's identity - not just for the namesake of the city, but for those who call it home. 

"I hope that people can just look at one picture from the Instagram account, or one story from the blog and say..that was kinda nice. and if everybody can do that then great. And if people can contribute to it, or if people follow along, then even better," Lukasik says. 

The site is always looking for contributors. You can check out "Elmiraland" on a variety of platforms, which can be found below.