ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- As voters prepare to make their way to the polls next week for the midterm elections, candidates are making their last push to win constituents over. 

Democratic Congressional Candidate Tracy Mitrano held a campaign rally Friday night at the Elks Lodge on Gray Street in Elmira. Dozens of supporters and community members gathered to hear from Mitrano. 

A number of other democratic candidates vying for a range of positions throughout Chemung County also spoke during the event. For voters, Tuesday's decision is critical, including a variety of key issues important to them. 

"What's important to me as an older resident is making sure our Social Security is in tact, that the Medicare is available for us, as well as our children," says Town of Elmria resident Jan Miller. 

"I think integrity is very important and  I think being able to have value of individuals around us is very important; and so the whole transgender, LGBQ community and the way that is being dealt with, and immigration and the way that's being dealt with," says Julie Koski, who lives in Corning. 

Mitrano is facing Republican incumbent Tom Reed on Tuesday, November 6th for the 23rd district congressional seat.