ITHACA N.Y.(WENY)-- Today was the 7th annual Jewelry and More Benefit for the Hospicare & Palliative Care Services. This event started out at a yard sale years ago and has had some time to grow thanks to the community. 

"It kept on happening, people kept asking me you going to do it again, you going to do it again, and then I realized it was fun, so I kept on doing it, so I give 100% of the profits from this sale to the music programs at hospicare," says Nancy Young, Sales Director 

Nancy and her husband started this benefit after Nancy overheard her music director talking about needing more funding for the program. So she took it into her own hands and created the event. Nancy and other participants sing in a group once a month at Hospicare for the patients and the families of the patients that are staying at the home. 

Everything in the sale is donated by community members from jewelry to scarfs and even jewelry bags! And every last sent is given right back to the program.