Election 2018 (WENY)-- Congressman Tom Reed will be representing New York's 23rd Congressional District for at least another two years after defeating Democratic Challenger Tracy Mitrano in the 2018 Midterm Elections.

     Congressman Reed joined his friends, families, and supporters at the Radisson Hotel in Corning as the election results poured in. In the end, Reed ended up winning with 58% of the vote, compared to Mitrano's 41%. The Congressman was emotional as he took the stage to thank the residents of the 23rd District.

     "Without family, without friends, without supporters like you-- I don't know what we do," Reed said as he stood alongside his family.

     Reed currently serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, and serves on the subcommittees on Health, Human Resources, and Trade. He also co-chairs the Congressional Diabetes Caucus, the House Manufacturing Caucus, and the Problem Solvers Caucus with Democratic Congressman Josh Gottheimer, who represents New Jersey's 5th District. The Problem Solvers Caucus is a bi-partisan group of Congressmen and Congresswomen equally divided between Democrats and Republicans – who seek to create solutions for key policy issues.

      After the results were in, Reed said he's ready to continue serving the people of the 23rd District.

     "I mean i already talked to Josh Gottheimer from New Jersey tonight, and we have to figure out how to get together and solve problems for the people back home. So using the Problem Solvers Caucus to reform the rules of the House, to get it working for the American people, rather than this top-down leadership driven organization that it's become," Reed explained.

     Things were a little less celebratory at the Hilton Garden Inn in Horseheads, where Democratic candidate Tracy Mitrano and her supporters gathered to watch the results come in. But even though she came out of the election with a loss, she says she plans to move forward.

     "I've had the experience of my life because everyone has participated together in this campaign and in this effort, and it has meant so much to me, it's a real experience from the heart, and I can't wait to work and see them again no matter what next steps we all take," Mitrano said.

     The Democrat emerged from a crowded group of candidates planning to take on the Congressman. Mitrano earned the party's nomination when she narrowly defeated fellow candidate Max Della Pia in a race that was originally too close to call. Mitrano would go on to campaign around New York's 23rd District, trying to garner enough support to defeat the experienced Congressman. Mitrano and Reed even engaged in several debates leading up to the election, with heated moments in each one. But as the election results showed, Reed had too much support for Mitrano to overcome.

      Reed joined the U.S. House after winning a special election to replace Eric Massa back in 2010.