ITHACA N.Y.(WENY)-- Cornell University's 14th president, Martha Pollack, was the featured speaker at the Ithaca rotary club on Wednesday. Pollack had the chance to engage with the audience, telling club members about her background in computer science. one topic discussed by the crowd included changes coming to the ivy league school's housing arrangements for students. 

"Well what we are going to begin to do once this housing is in place is require that not just freshman but also sophomores live in university approved housing, that does include some of the fraternities and some of the theme houses, but it has to be housing that has passed our level of control  and in which we can provide programing," says Pollack

Group members also highlighted the the importance of academic integrity at the college. 

"Everyone in this room knows you're only as good as your reputation and we have I believe in place a very strong processes for reacting when issues come up," says Pollack

one audience member brought up a question regarding concern for the lack of education-studies at the university.. 

"Why doesn't Cornell have a good department of education or ya know, they closed it down, I know, but I just find it very ironic that Cornell is not preparing the teachers of tomorrow," asked one of the guests of the Ithaca Rotary club 

President pollack responding....

We can not, if we want to be excellent, we can't have, every single area of study there is