WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) -- Christopher Turner went to the Watkins Glen Central School District board meeting on Monday to raise concerns about his daughter's education. Turner's daughter is deaf, and he says the schools does not always have an interpreter on-hand. But at the meeting, Turner says several special education teachers also had other concerns about their own department.

"Inside the school district it was brought to my attention many issues mainly with the special education department that the school seems to not even be meeting minimums on," said Turner. 

Turner says some of the issues brought up to the board by the teachers included overcrowded classrooms, the lack of textbooks, and issues with physical education. Turner says, if he never went to the meeting, he would have never known about other issues being brought up.

"This is all happening and none of us know it because unfortunately there are certain parts of the contract with being an employee of the school district that prevents some of the teachers and other administration from making this known to the public," said Turner. 

So we reached out to the school for a comment on these claims.

"We take every parents concerns seriously," said Watkins Glen Central School District Director of Communications, Rod Weeden. "We were made aware of an issue on Monday night and have been seeking information and solutions regarding the parents concerns."

The communication director went on to say that with they teachers, the district collaborates with their staff daily to work through organizational challenges. The next school board meeting will be held on November 19th.