ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) – Today, a commercial truck towing an exceptionally long commercial load is scheduled to travel through Ithaca and then head south.

Combined, the truck and trailer are over 380 feet long and 20 feet wide. Traffic patterns in Ithaca will be changed to accommodate this load.

The load is scheduled to enter Ithaca on New York State Route 34 (East Shore Drive) at 11:30.
From there, the load is scheduled to take the following path through Ithaca:

  • Southbound on East Shore Drive
  • Southbound on New York State Route 13
  • Southbound on North/South Meadow Street (Northbound traffic on Meadow Street will be closed for this portion of the trip from the intersection of Meadow/Hancock to Meadow/Clinton)
  • Southbound on Elmira Road exiting the City of Ithaca

If you do find yourself in the area while the load is traveling through Ithaca, please follow the directions of police officers and flaggers on scene. Due to the complexity of the logistics associated with towing such a long, heavy load through a municipality, the timeframes could change on short notice.

WENY News will update with any changes in traffic patterns. Drivers are requested to avoid the area while the load is traveling through Ithaca.