UPDATE (12:39 p.m.) According to officials on scene, workers were cleaning the tank at the time of the rupture. 

The fuel tank was empty, but there were reportedly still gasoline vapors present. According to fire officials, one of the workers reportedly took an electric power washer inside the tank, which ignited the vapors and caused an explosion. 

The two workers injured were taken to a local hospital; their conditions are unknown at this time. 

Fire crews did a quick investigation to make sure the danger had passed. The crews responsible for cleaning are still on scene.  

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Early Friday afternoon, crews responded to the scene of a gas tank rupture at the former location of the South Main Street Tops Market in Elmira. 

According to firefighters on scene, two workers were injured when the gas tank ruptured. They were reportedly shutting down the gas tanks from the former Tops gas station. The extent of their injuries are currently unknown. 

This is an ongoing story. We will provide updates as they come in.