ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - The magic of Christmas and giving can be magical, especially when you see the faces of children on Christmas. But for some, getting that special gift for a kid is not always that easy and that's why Frontline Family Ministries is hoping that other children who may not be as fortunate, can have that same reaction this Christmas.

"I was one of those dads that was really struggling to make ends meet and my children weren't going to have very much of a Christmas. It was Marine Toys For Tots that stepped in and helped the children, my children," said Pastor Randy Jackson of Frontline Family Ministries. 

Now, Pastor Randy Jackson is making sure not only his children have a bright Christmas this year, but all children. For five years now Frontline Family Ministries in Elmira has been working with Toys For Tots to help collect toys and donations for struggling families in Chemung County. In previous years, the toy drive has been successful, but this year, the ministry is struggling.

Jackson added, "Our biggest corporation was Toys "R" US and of course they have went bankrupt, and that has caused a huge opening or a huge gap." 

Currently, the ministry has collected about 5,000 toys, however, Pastor Jackson says that is still not enough. 

"We are about 600 children ahead of last year's number at the same current time. So last year we did 2,890 children. Right now we are projected to do almost 3,600 children," said Pastor Jackson. 

Pastor Jackson says that they need about 12,000 gifts this Christmas and now with Toys "R" US gone, he say s it is difficult to replace those numbers and they could fall short at about 3,000 gifts. 

If you're interested in helping meet their goal, Frontline Family Ministries is asking for donations. 

For more details visit: https://letelmiralive.org/toys-tots/