CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- A new innovative device created by a team of students from Corning Community College is creating quite the buzz. It's called the GripM8, and it recently won the grand prize at the New York State Aging Innovation Challenge.

In May, we brought you the story about a new invention CCC students were developing, with everything now coming full circle. The device is small, compact, and very easy to use. Using 3-D printing, the team created the GripM8 for individuals who struggle with basic motor functions on a daily basis.

For example, those with arthritis or Parkinson's. The unique slots allow for utensils to be placed through them, allowing the user much more control when it comes to tasks such as eating dinner or brushing your teeth.

During today's demonstration CCC President Katherine Douglas told me, "As they went out into the community with the initial prototype, they found out that seniors had many ideas of how they could use it. They could use it with their toothbrush, they could use it with their comb, crochet hook, or paintbrush. So, it started to assist one aspect of daily living, but has grown to so much more."

The GripM8 team is very excited to move forward with the product, and hope to see it continue to change lives moving forward. Co-Inventor Anna Leonard added, "We had one person who needed a daily caregiver to feed them, and after we gave them a device, could feed themselves. This maintains so much integrity, boosts confidence, and helps people accomplish daily activities they have to do."