ITHACA N.Y.(WENY)-- "This year particularly, we actually were also here in the morning for the electrical engineering competition, which got merged into the same day, then we have a fair here with all the project teams and other student organizations, so it's really become more than just  a mechanical competition as grown into more of an overall robotics day," says Kyle Darling, Mechanical Design Engineer at ASML

Cornell University is well know for advancements in the fields of science and technology. Today was an opportunity to really spotlight the progress of juniors and seniors involved in the robotics and engineering programs on campus.'

"A lot of these students were working all through the night and even this morning on their robots, so it's a lot of  work that goes into this and you can see that, I mean we have two stories of people here  coming to watch, big crowds and stuff like that, so it's a lot of excitement >
The competition t the students competed in is called the cube craze," says Darling

The energy in the air was electric.This is a meaningful event for all students taking part in the competition. About 60 different teams signed up to battle their bots, a total of roughly 180 students involved, 

"It's always a big day as you can see a bunch of people in Duffield coming out and excited. So we've been absolutely pumped and ready to go to show off all our hard work for the semester, so it's been a lot of fun," says Braedon Wong, Robotics Competitor/Student

The goal of the competition, called "cube craze" is essentially a game of chess. Your team's robot needs to push blocks onto the side of the opposing teams in a given amount of time. This year the ASML Blue Barn Owls beat out the "Walrus's" by 2 blocks.     

For the full list of competitors that participated in Tuesday Robot Competition, click here