"Form when he served it was really outstanding, what he went through and everything and you've gotta admire the man for that," 

Today the country said their final goodbye to our 41st president, George H.W. Bush. Taking the time to watch and listen to all of the speakers today, many vets took this time to reflect on their memories of the president and what he went through in his life time. 

"He parachuted into the water, I remember  on the news seeing them pick him up, the submarine come up and the submarines were out their patrolling for pilots that had gotten shot down," says E Vincent Magaw, Army Vet 

Not many vets from World War two are able to tell their story today, but their children are and watching the funeral services today brought up some memories of parents that served the same time as the president did. 

On behalf of WENY, we say goodbye Mr.President.