BRADFORD COUNTY, PA (WENY) - Residents and businesses in Bradford county are still picking up the pieces after they were hit hard by heavy rains and flash flooding this past August, and to make matters worse, FEMA is denying individual assistance for those affected. This means that homeowners who's property was destroyed by the flood waters is not eligible for federal assistance.   

"People are upset and have a right to be. From a Governmental standpoint, I know in the meetings that we had yesterday, that once we received the denial that we being County Government and my commissioners are not only surprised that we didn't get it, but very disappointed," said Robert Barnes, Director of Public Safety for Bradford County.  Barnes added, "We have people that are in trouble and that seems to be the bottom line here."

Officials say a total of 326 residential properties were damaged. 29 of those properties have major damage and over 30 properties were completely destroyed. Many of the residents that were affected do not have flood insurance and are still being impacted by the floods that happened back in 2011 and 2016. County officials say as part of not being granted individual assistance, residents can instead be eligible for a low interest loan.

"Rather than having a grant for repairs, they're going to be able to get a low interest loan from a small business administration, to make repairs to buildings and private property. That process begins next week," said Barnes. 

Barnes says applications for loans will be available online only for residents . Details on when and how to apply are expected to be released soon.