CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- An active member of the green party in our region is pushing for the first cooperative business in the city of Corning. Darin Robbins, The Treasurer of the Steuben County Green Party, gathered a small group of intrigued minds together to discuss his plans.

A cooperative business is defined as a private business organization that is owned and controlled by the people who use its products, supplies, or services. The hope for this particular business model will include a maker's space and a repair cafe. This will include aspects such as accessible 3-D Printing, a small-scale plastic recycling program, and aiding in the repairs of small appliances or electronics.

At the discussion Robbins said, "As an individual and someone who has run for office locally, cooperative business is something that I have been trying to advocate for, for at least 18 years. I believe this is a great opportunity to provide a model, to show it actually does work. Hopefully this will be a start to other cooperative businesses in our community."

Robbins hopes to see more support at the next meeting, and if you want to reach out you can contact him here:

p: (607)-936-3294