Hammondsport, NY (WENY) – The Village of Hammondsport celebrated the towns annual Christmas in the Park Saturday night welcoming tourists to the town to participate in the holiday festivities.

The village was lit up with holiday decorations, Christmas Caroling, and had those seasonal holiday goodies that everyone looks forward to this time of year. Organizers say the hard work they put into the event is worth it when it all comes together.

“It's so worth it, this is my favorite event of year, it's magical, people love it..we're going to have Santa Claus coming on a fire truck in a few hours, so it's worth it, it's busy but I love it,” said Trinity Powers, Marketing Specialist for Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce.

The community Christmas Tree was comforted with stuffed toy dolls on the ground beside the tree. 300 dolls were made bye 3 kind women to give to children for free who may not get anything on Christmas. All they were asking for was a donation in return if you could. If not, it was okay.

“The lord told me to do it so I did it. There's so many kids that don't have stuff and don't get gifts like that for Christmas. There's a lot of kids that don't get a lot. We just wanted to give back to the kids that don't have Christmas,” said Judy, Janis and Sharon.

Christmas in the park is just one of many events held in the square. The scenic downtown area is the perfect spot for community events.

“We have a lot of tourism coming through, not so much in the winter but this square is just perfect. We have so many events in the summer through the winter so it's a perfect little square because we have restaurants and shops lined up all around. While we have the event going on, people can also shop and dine, so it's the ideal location for our Christmas in the park event,” said Powers.