SOUTH CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- A local animal rescue organization says it believes someone in South Corning is poisoning feral cats. Pawz and Purrz Animal Rescue says they found three dead cats, and one ill cat.

The organization says they made the gruesome discovery on Wednesday. Although not confirmed, the organization believes poison is to blame, because the three cats that were found dead had blood coming from their mouths, and didn't appear to have any other injuries.

Pawz and Purrz Animal Rescue says they have been trapping, neutering, and returning cats that belong to a feral colony in South Corning for several months.They also rescued and adopted out a number of kittens after giving them medical care.

In a Facebook post, the organization is now looking for help. They are looking for anyone with a barn that would be willing to take in one or two cats.

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