ITHACA N.Y.(WENY)-- Experts sat the typical holiday shopper put themselves into more than $1,000.00 in debt. Friday, WENY sat down with a financial advisers to find out how someone can work themselves out of that debt and how to better prepare for next season. 

The holidays are about showing love to one another, and that tends to come in the form of gifts. One of the problems with gift giving is that it can put you into an unsuspecting debt that can be difficult to come back form.

"It can be a challenge to do so, it can often mean making hard choices of what you don't buy now, what you don't spend now, so you can pay off that debt sooner than later. The sooner you do it, presumably the less you spend," says Marshall McCormick, President and Wealth Management Advisor at Finger Lakes Wealth  Management 

The first step in stopping yourself from going into debt is having a financial plan. 

"What you need to figure out first is how much you expect to spend, so now we know how much we've spent this holiday season, it's probably safe to assume we'll spend that same amount next holiday season, and we can break that into a monthly number and save starting now," says McCormick
Once the numbers have been figured out, a semi-flexible budget then needs to be set for the season. 

"The most important tenet of budgeting is giving every dollar a job and building in flexibility to your budget(white flash)You don't want to stick to something that's completely strict and rigid, you need some flexibility, so it's really important to have that built into any budget as well," says McCormick

For those who are in debt from the holiday, there is still hope to get out of it and be ready for next years shopping list. 

"With the right amount of thought and the right amount of planning, getting out of debt shouldn't be too difficult, and planning for it in the future is what really needs to happen," says McCormick

Advisers say that it is never too early to start saving for your future spending, no matter the occasion or plans.