ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- After 4 and a half years of serving the Elmira community, D's Pierogi Place has closed up for the last time. According to the owner, the restaurant and deli famous for their savory pierogies, developed a good customer base during their first few years of operation.

However, in the past year people just stopped coming to eat there as much as they used to. The decline in customers was not allowing for D's to turn enough of a profit, thus resulting in the decision to close up shop.

Today during an emotional interview, Owner Daria Oravec said, "We were doing really well, but over the past year people decided to just stop coming. We've had a hard time with bills, so after a long time of struggling, I decided to close the place."

Oravec hopes to continue her Pierogi making business elsewhere down the road, but as of right now there are no current plans in place.