CORNING N.Y.(WENY)-- Yesterday the East Corning Volunteer Fire Department opened their doors to the public for their first open house of the year. The open house was held in their newly renovated community room that had not been updated since the 70s. But, the main focus was not to show off these renovations, but to reinforce the importance of fire safety in the home and try to get families more actively involved in their safety programs. 

"This is a family event, we're trying to get people interested and motivated to be aware of home fire safety and other safety factors in the home and we want to get families involved in the whole safety program, we wanna get people involved/interested in becoming volunteer firefighters or EMS responders," says Dave Shafer, President of East Corning Fire Department 
The Red Cross, Operation Safety Child, and Corning Natural Gas Corporation all attended Saturdays event to reinforce the importance of home safety and the measures that need to be taken if problems ever do occur.

The department is always looking for more members to join their staff, so if you would like to get involved with the East Corning Volunteer Fire Department, you can contact them through their Facebook page