ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) --  There are many homes that still need a lot of work, but there are some very positive changes underway to help preserve some of Elmira's history. Between West Water and Gray Street there are many homes that have already seen changes for the better, all with minimal help from the city or state grants.

These renovations have been carried out mainly by private investors, who want to see the Westside of Elmira hold onto its historic beauty,
and Mark Twain Tours Director Samuel Draper continues to echo that sentiment.

Today during a mini-tour of my own he said, "I'm here to point out that there are a lot of individuals doing restoration work with private money, and they are taking advantage of the tax credits. However, they are using their own money to restore these houses in the historic district."

One of the main goals from all of these restoration efforts is also to keep the integrity of these structures as single family homes and manors, instead of gutting them for the purpose of making apartments.

Draper went on to say, "A neighborhood turning these homes from a 6 or 7 unit into a single family home, helps make a neighborhood a neighborhood. That's what we're going for in the city of Elmira, especially in the National Historic District."

If you'd like further information on the Mark Twain Tours or the future restoration of these homes, you can reach out at:

MarkTwainTours@Yahoo.com | (607)-732-1436