Horseheads, (WENY) – Hanover Square is home to a new barbecue joint bringing some competition to the area. Julianna's Brickwood BBQ has been in the works for the past seven years.

The restaurant has been open for the past three weeks as takeout before slowly opening up the restaurants seating area. The long process was a result of the building being remodeled and making sure the business was financially stable to support any kinks they came across.

“I started working on it years ago, the actual building itself, with a help from a few other people tore it a part. Re-did it, wiring, plumbing everything, stripped it down to the old original brick, said Owner, Brad Layton.

Everyone who's worked in the restaurant business knows there is a bubble or a bump or a hurdle, and we just overcame those little by little to the point where we felt comfortable enough to open up the seating area.”

The restaurant operates without a freezer allowing them to make everything fresh and from scratch. From wings, to burgers to brisket and pulled pork, there's something to satisfy everyone's taste buds.

“Our Cuban sandwich has been one of our top sellers. The pulled pork sandwich has done real good, the brisket has done real good,. I'm just starting to introduce ribs and half chickens on the weekends,” said Layton.

Hanover square now has a plethora of food options to choose from ranging from Italian, American, Thai, sushi and now BBQ.