ITHACA N.Y.(WENY)--The city of Ithaca is growing and thriving more than ever and a constant topic that has been in the Ithaca airways has been the need of more affordable housing.

"We have a community that is diverse, that is thriving, that's adding more jobs more quickly than any community in upstate New York, and what that means is we can be a beacon of hope for families that want to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty and find the opportunities that will lift them to the middle class and beyond," says Svante Myrick, Mayor of Ithaca.

The only thing holding this great city from developing further into the future it the coast of living. 

"It's the most expensive county, second only to the New York City metro area, and so there's a lot of focus on bringing affordable housing to this area, and so we had our sights set on Ithaca for a number of different reasons," says Molly Chiang, Developer and Architect for the Vecino Group.

To help alleviate the problem of expensive living, the city is going to turn the parking garage on Green St. into not only more parking, but also affordable housing. 

"Giving people an opportunity is both the best way to allow them to work themselves out of poverty but also the best way to keep your city and community interesting. A place that is full of teachers, nurses, and artists and working people instead of just the already wealthy and the professionals," says Mayor Myrick.

The Vecino Group that is handling the project has completed a number of other affordable housing projects in Upstate New York, so they are excited to set their sights on Ithaca.  

"Ithaca's such a wonderful place to live and call home but it's becoming kind of increasingly expensive and almost prohibitively expensive to live here, so Vecino Groups goal is really to provide housing that is accessible to everyone and keeps the really interesting people in Ithaca," says Chiang.

The building is also going to include a conference center which the city has been working on gaining for a long time.
The project is not officially expected to begin until 2020 and officially opening its doors in 2022.