WELLSBORO, N.Y. (WENY) -- Creating a recovery space for infants born with addiction: that's the goal of one woman in the Northern Tier. 

Robin Adams adopted her son, Asa, back in 2016. Asa was was born addicted to heroin. Her son is now 4-years-old but struggled with a number of severe health issues as an infant.

Adams is establishing what will become Pennsylvania State's first residential pediatric recovery facility and emergency shelter. It is called "Asa's Place".

Thursday night, community leaders and stakeholders in Wellsboro gathered for a dinner and learning event.

"I feel like everyone is concerned. There's a high level of concern and to have nearly 90 folks come spend a Thursday evening just to show each other their level of engagement and to help energize and help launch this program is really special and it means a lot to me," says Adams. 

Infants will be able to stay for as little as 72 hours or as long as 90 days. The facility, once formally established, will also include rooming space for postpartum mothers who are actively pursuing recovery from a substance use disorder. 

More information can be found here: https://asasplace.org/