ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- One person was taken to the hospital for evaluation after a car crash involving an Elmira Police car on Tuesday afternoon.

EPD says the crash happened around 4:30 pm at the intersection of Hoffman Street and Fassett Road. The department says an officer was responding to a call near Hoffman Street with his emergency lights activated -- and cars ahead of him were pulling off to the side of the road. But one car near the intersection of Hoffman and Fassett turned left.

After the crash, the police car stopped in the middle of the street - and the other car spun out. The officer was not injured, but EPD says the driver of the other car complained of neck and back pain.

The cause is still under investigation, and EPD is looking for information regarding the crash.

In a press release:

There was one potential witness in a white truck who stopped briefly, but then left the scene before he was identified.  We would like this person or anyone else who may have witnessed this accident to contact the Elmira Police Department at (607)737-5626, or the tip line at (607)271-HALT.