ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)-- Schuyler County has officially implemented a new way to safely get rid of unused medications. DiposeRX is a packet you can pick up at a number of locations. The powder will safely dissolve medications like opioids, and keep prescription drugs from ending up being misused and abused.

"According to our 2017 youth survey data, from the youth who are misusing prescription opioids, 40 percent of those are getting their prescription drugs from a parents or relatives home. So it's really important for us to get these out there and allow for people to safely dispose of their medication with in their own homes," says Amber Colby, Opioid Coordinating Vista, Schuyler County Public Health Official

DisposeRx can be found at Schuyler County Public Health, Office for the Aging, Schuyler County Probation, and Quinlan's Pharmacy. It is free to the public right now. 

"Just come to the counter, it'd be probably helpful to speak to the pharmacist, and then we can evaluate the situation and give them what they need to dispose of their unused prescription medication. That's what it's for," says Mike Rossettie, Supervising Pharmacist at Quinlan's Pharmacy

When using the product, you are going to take container and fill it about two thirds of the way up with warm tap water. And then you are going to take the packet, put the whole thing into the container, and make sure you have the lid on nice and tight, and then you will proceed to shake the bottle and then proceed to throw it out.

"If community members don't have this product, we also have prescription drop boxes in Schuyler County at the sheriffs office and the human services complex. And there will be a drug take back event as well in April as well to dispose of drugs," says Colby

For more information on DisposeRx, you can contact the Schuyler County Public Health office at (607)535-8140. You can also click here for a direct link to the Schuyler County Coalition on Underage Drink and Drugs (SCCUDD).