ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- You drive them everyday, and maybe even walk or ride your bikes. The City of Elmira is taking steps to ensure the widely-used bridges in the city are in tip-top shape. 

Monday night at city council, officials unanimously approved a measure which will give the green light for critical safety inspections. Council approved the construction company which will undertake the task as LaBella Associates. 

The rehabilitation projects cover Madison Ave Bridge and Walnut Street Bridge. The total cost of the overall project is $632,800. While the City of Elmira has to front the money, it will receive 100% of the funds back through a federal-aid program. 

"First and foremost, federally-funded, meaning that we'll be reimbursed for those finances through federal government. Just rehabbing the bridges. I do know that Madison Avenue will be rehabbed prior to July 1. And then once that is rehabbed, they'll go to the next bridge and rehab that," says City Manager Mike Collins. 

The work being done on the bridges will be standard safety checks and procedural maintenance inspections. 

"Making sure that everything looks correct underneath the bridge, making sure that the weight of the bridge is acceptable, making sure that poles are acceptable, making sure that the sidewalk is accessible to pedestrians going over the bridges. And just making sure that the seams are correct," Collins says.

In terms of traffic disruption, City Manager Mike Collins goes on to explain there may be lane reduction or bridges closed down during inspection, however, ample notice will be given to the public.

"Once that's completed, and we have future rehab projects on other bridges throughout the remainder of the year into the following year, all five bridges within the City of Elmira will be rehabbed," Collins adds. 

WENY News will continue to monitor this story and bring you any new information regarding the bridge rehabilitation projects.