HARRISBURG, PA (WENY) -- Newly re-elected Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf presented his 4th budget proposal. In the over $34 billion plan, Wolf outlined plans ranging from fixing the criminal justice system and re-entry programs, to improving education.

"We must continue to increase funding for education starting with pre-k and culminating at the end of a student's journey," said Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf. "But that's not all. It's time to lower the age of compulsory attendance to age 6. Bringing our commonwealth into line with the vast majority of other states in this country."

Wolf also called for a payroll increase for teachers to $45,000 a year, which would be a fully funded mandate. As well as creating a grant program for community college students who graduate with an associate degree and stay in the state for their careers. Along with a proposal of $10 million in new funding for PA SMART to help create more jobs. For our local representatives, they believe there's still some work to be done on this budget. 

"It was good to hear that he doesn't want to increase any taxes," said Pennsylvania's 68th District Representative, Clint Owlett. "So looking at the budget, I do see that there's a 2.8% increase in spending. So now it's the time to drill down and really get down to figuring out where that money is coming from and how we can make up for that."

"There's a lot of positive in this budget address, but I'm telling you there's some things to be solved in there too," 110th Pennsylvania District Representative, Tina Pickett. "I can just scan down through the headlines and see some things that probably aren't going to fly either without some more money or with some cuts we're really not going to be in favor of. So a lot of detail work to be done yet to put that budget together and to make it good for Pennsylvania moving forward."